Friday 14 June 2024
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Azkoyen Group launches new M5 Vitro coffee machine, for best fresh milk foam drinks

This machine has the innovative micro-injection air technology (MIA) that makes it possible to prepare a wide selection of coffees, from cappuccino to latte macchiato, chocolate and other drinks with high quality fresh milk foam. The Vitro M5 stands out for its energy efficiency, its self-cleaning system and its suitability for all types of businesses based on its reliability, capacity, productivity and easy maintenance. It has been developed with the help of leading engineers specialised in the preparation of fresh milk. Vitro M5 can also produce drinks with plant based milk

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NAVARRA, Spain – The Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish technology multinational which offers automated products and services designed to provide unique experiences for people in their daily lives, launches the new Vitro M5 automatic coffee machine, which complements the successful Vitro series. The Vitro M5 has been developed with the help of leading engineers specialised in the preparation of fresh milk. The innovative micro-injection of air (MIA) technology, patented by Azkoyen, makes it possible to prepare a perfect, silky and consistent foam that maximises the quality of the drink.

Everything takes place using a rapid production process that significantly reduces waiting times. Thanks to its elegant design, user-friendly drink selection and a wide range of gourmet espresso and fresh milk drinks, coffee time becomes a very special experience for the user. Furthermore, the Vitro M5 can produce a delicious froth, even when using plant based milks.

The latest generation of MIA technology allows the density and consistency of the foam to be programmed, as well as the hot or cold temperature, thus adjusting it to the tastes in different countries and locations.
The Vitro M5 offers a complete selection of espressos and fresh milk drinks, from cappuccino to latte macchiato with a delicious and dense frothy layer to satisfy the tastes of every consumer.

In addition to the numerous advantages of MIA, we can also add the energy efficiency that characterises the Vitro M5 (since it does not need a steam boiler, thus avoiding the periodic safety checks and problems due to limescale deposits in the boiler).

The Vitro M5 model is adapted to the current situation where safety and hygiene in the purchasing process are of great importance. This enables product selection without any contact with the surface by means of the patented Distance Selection technology, which allows the user to obtain the products without any contact with the surface of the machine. It also has a quick and easy self-cleaning system, a key factor in this type of machine.

This model can also be fitted with the optional AZK V30 variable brewing system, patented by Azkoyen, which allows the range of drinks on offer to be extended and the degree of grinding and the amount of coffee to be added to each selection to be specified.


The new machine is suitable for all types of businesses, offices, hotels, service stations, convenience stores and other Coffee-to-Go establishments due to its reliability, capacity, productivity and easy maintenance and cleaning, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and reduced maintenance costs.

Experts in creating experiences involving coffee

The Azkoyen Group offers solutions for companies and offices, hotels and restaurants, convenience stores, transport and leisure, and public buildings which provide their customers with unique consumption experiences via the various professional automatic coffee machines.

Accordingly, the company recently added the compact Vitro X1 espresso machine to its successful Vitro series, an intuitive machine, easy to clean and maintain, designed to adapt to different business models and offering a wide variety of payment options for the consumer.

As experts in coffee, the company has had a factory in the heart of coffee-growing Colombia since 2014, as well as more than thirty years of experience in developing technological innovations applied to the production of hot drinks.

About the Azkoyen Group

Azkoyen Group S.A. is a multinational company based in Navarra (Spain), specialised in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of technological solutions for electronic means of payment, control and security systems, mechatronic solutions and vending machines. The Group consists of three main business units: Vending Systems, with the brands: Azkoyen and Coffetek; Payment technologies, with the brands: Coges, Azkoyen Payment Technologies and Cashlogy; and Time & Security with the primion, GET and Digitek brands and the Opertis brand for associated mechatronic solutions.


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