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THAILAND – Morinaga and Dutch Mill jointly launch Mt. RAINIER to open up new segment of chilled cup coffee

Mr. Akira Ohno, Chairman of Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. Japan’s major producer and distributor of dairy-based and non-dairy beverages, recently opened up a new segment of “Chilled Cup Coffee” in Thailand and signed a new business partnership agreement with Dutch Mill, represented by Mr. Wisanti Lomtakul, Commercial Director.

The new partnership delights coffee lover in Thailand with the launch of Mt. Rainier, a ready-to-drink chilled cup coffee by Dutch Mill as the sole importer and distributor of Japan’s No. 1 brand of chilled cup coffee in Thailand.

Dutch Mill also joined forces with Central Food Retail Co., Ltd., led by Ms. Jiranan Pupat, Senior Vice President – Purchasing, Supply Chain Management and Marketing, and Ms. Sopaphan Juyjaroen, Assistant Vice President – Fresh Food Purchasing, to leverage on business strengths of Thailand’s leading supermarket chain as the exclusive sales channel for the newly-launched coffee.

Morinaga is targeting at sales of one million cups across all sales channels in three years.

Mt. Rainier, a ready-to-drink chilled cup coffee with Japan’s premium quality.

It is a gourmet blend of espresso extracted from 100% handpicked Arabica coffee beans and rich Hokkaido milk.

The brand’s unique “Barrier Cup” packaging technology protects the smooth, freshly brewed flavor of Mt. Rainier coffee, which is now available in retail at Tops Market, Central Food Hall and Family Mart.

Source: press release