Friday 14 June 2024
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TECHNOLOGY – GenieConnect teams with Nespresso to offer iBeacon-based coffee delivery service

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GenieConnect has announced a commercial relationship with Nespresso which will see their coffee capsules automatically push to tired event goers.

A custom-made GenieConnect app uses the Low Frequency Bluetooth (LFD) wireless iBeacon transmitters to detect when an attendees interaction drops below a certain threshold and then alerts the nearest Nespresso barista: they will provide the affected attendee with a choice of different coffee pods which can be used using one of the many Nespresso machine in the event location.

Speaking on the innovation, Nespresso ambassador George Clooney said, “This is a terrific idea. No-one likes a good event more than me – but they can be hard work!

The fact that modern technology can detect when I need a good cup of mocha is the best thing since botox! I’m hoping that this solution will be up and running for my next AOU [American Ornithologist Union] meeting!”

The relationship with Nespresso is the latest innovation in GenieConnect’s portfolio of solutions for increasing attendee interaction at events. It is also its first practical implementation of iBeacon technology, widely considered to be a game-changer for the events industry.

GenieConnect spokesperson, Daisy Rollofap, commented “We all know that big events can be draining – and even the smartest event technology is powerless against a stonking hangover after an awards ceremony.


We think that the combination of activity monitors in the app and iBeacon’s location-based capabilities offer the perfect solution for delegates that are dead on their feet.”

The use of baristas as part of the coffee delivery service is an interim solution but will be eliminated when GenieConnect’s teleportation engine is released later this year.

Source: GenieConnect


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