Friday 19 July 2024
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Talking about ergonomics through an infographic

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“‘Often, when we decide to buy a chair, a sofa or even a car, we come across the term ‘ergonomic seating’. It means that the particular product has been designed with the body’s need for proper posture in mind.

In the sense that in addition to fitting comfortably, when the sitting for a long time, especially in a car, the body does not get overtired.

If it is important for seating, let’s think about how ergonomics may be relevant in equipment at work and therefore in a professional espresso machine.

“‘What exactly does ‘ergonomics’ mean? And what features should a product have to be called ‘ergonomic’?

Ergonomics is a relatively ‘young’ scientific discipline. It has been studied since the mid-nineteenth century, but in a systematic way it only became part of modern industry from the mid-twentieth century.

It deals with the problems related to people’s work… You can subscribe here to download the White Paper about ergonomics.


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