Wednesday 07 June 2023

Tailor Your Coffee @CliftonCoffee

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A coffee for each taste. There are many varieties of coffee produced around the world and consumer tastes are also very varied.

Years of research have led Victoria Arduino to identify and apply technology that gives every barista the ability to quickly, accurately and precisely prepare espresso in a way that brings out all the properties of each variety and type of coffee.

If each coffee is different from all the others, then making an espresso will need a tailored extraction.

Friday, November 18, from 3 pm, in Bristol (UK), at the headquarters of Clifton Coffee Roasters (Bristow Broadway – Avonmouth BS11 9FB), industry experts will lead a meeting to share knowledge, from bean to cup.

A contribution to coffee industry growth, from the origin to the coffee shop.


Mr Josh Clarck will introduce the meeting, while Edumund Buston discuss the delivery of espresso and how every single gram has its “value” in the cup.

Mr. Morten Wennersgaard, from coffee importers Nordic Approach – Oslo, specializing in quality, traceable green coffee with different flavour profiles, will present a special case linked to a single origin Arabica coffee produced in Costa Rica, in Terrazù Canton.

Here the local microclimate affects varieties differently even when grown in small plots only a short distance one from each other, but at different altitudes.

During the meeting, you can see natural and washed coffee and other seasonal coffee imported into Europe by Nordic Approach.

There will be tastings and all the espresso will obviously be served using a VA388 Black Eagle, the Victoria Arduino the only machine on the market with gravimetric technology.

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