Monday 20 May 2024
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Starbucks Thailand’s first self-service machine gives a caffeine jolt to gamers

MILAN – Starbucks Thailand recently launched its first and only self-service machine with full customisable capabilities and digitised payment options inside Bangkok’s new AIS...

BeMoved vending machine will make you jump for joy … for coffee

Watch out, Starbucks (and Starbucks VIA). Douwe Egberts, the market leader in tea and coffee, has unveiled its conceptual BeMoved vending machine, which promises to elevate human-coffee interaction “to a higher level.” Literally. As in, you have to jump for your java.

Retro vending machines are making a dazzling comeback in Japan

TOKYO, Japan - Vending machines seem to be on every street corner in Japan. They sell everything from jeans to fruit in machines both classic and modern. On the side of this road in eastern Japan, a row of vending machines entices customers to drop in their 100 yen coins.

An astonishing coffee maker built from Lego bricks

Over the past several years, instant coffee machines have taken the java industry by storm and it’s easy to see why — the convenience...

HostMilano and Sic, excellence in coffee for 40 editions, with an eye on the future

MILAN – Thanks to the historic Sic – International Coffee Exhibition – show, HostMilano has for 40 editions now been the “home” of the Coffea...

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