Thursday 20 June 2024
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Tim Varney tells us the original World AeroPress Championship history

MILANO, Vista Darsena, Italy - Tim Varney is an expert of the specialty coffee industry. His knowledge focuses on quality, roasting and coffee bar management. He's mostly noted as the longtime second in command at Oslo’s Tim Wendelbo. He spent six years at Oslo, working for them and two years at The Tate Modern in London.

From cold brew to pea milk in cappuccino…The future of coffee

FAIRFIELD, New Jersey, U.S. – Sick of the daily grind when it comes to your morning coffee? Good news: This year promises to be anything but your average cup of Joe. Consumer expectations in the U.K. around everything from bean to brew is growing significantly, and so are the offerings, as coffee shops serve up hot and cold ...

Award winning Steampunkcoffeemachine showcases new V60 at the New York Coffee Festival

Following Professor Harris’ success at the London Coffee Festival where his cold drip creation was voted most innovative product by consumers and trade visitors...

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