Thursday 30 May 2024
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UC Davis Coffee Center

UC Davis Coffee Center opened on Friday, May 3

DAVIS, USA – The Coffee Center at the University of California, Davis, officially opened Friday, May 3. The Coffee Center is a center of...

Coffee scientist Sara Yeager: ‘Acids bring much more flavor impact than just sourness’

MILAN – A new study by researchers at the UC Davis Coffee Center, titled “Acids in coffee: A review of sensory measurements and meta-analysis...

Equipment maker Wilbur Curtis supports UC Davis Coffee Center

MONTEBELLO, Calif., U.S. – Wilbur Curtis Co., an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of coffee and tea brewing equipment, has pledged a donation to the University of California, Davis to support the university's expanding Coffee Center. The donation is the first by Wilbur Curtis to a major academic institution.

SCA announces new brewing fundamentals research at UC Davis Center

DAVIS, California, U.S. — The fundamentals of coffee brewing are critically important to the coffee industry- the basic principles of extraction are the basis for widely used tools and resources like the Coffee Brewer’s Control Chart and the Coffee Brewer’s Handbook. These widely embraced tools are based primarily on scientific research led in ...

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