Saturday 08 October 2022
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Drinking coffee and eating vegetables may offer some protection against Covid-19

CHICAGO, US – A new Northwestern Medicine study shows coffee consumption and eating lots of vegetables may offer some protection against COVID-19. The authors...

Wild coffee plants and chocolate’s tree are surprisingly poorly protected

CALI, Colombia — Headlines about threatened plant species often focus on hardwood plundered from the Amazon or obscure plants known only to specialized botanists....

New Italian Food Union to protect unique identity of national products

MILAN – Two of the largest food trade associations in Italy have joined forces at the end of March to create the new Unione Italiana Food (Italian Food Union), an entity that represents 450 companies and is the biggest of the industry at European level. It's main goals are to enhance the value of the products that symbolize Italian food ...

HEALTH – How coffee can be good for your skin

While it is scientifically proven that coffee, when consumed in moderation, promotes good health and contains properties that help you keep illness at bay,...

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