Thursday 25 July 2024
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Should you be drinking 5 cups of coffee per day? Here is what science says

Coffee. Cup of joe. Java. No matter what you call it, millions of people worldwide wake up and fuel their day with it. And...

Coffee addiction remains a very divisive topic in the scientific debate

A hot cup of coffee after you rise out of bed is not like anything else. To your daily coffee drinker, a day would...

Caffeine – Friend Or Foe? Here is a quick guide with pros and cons

LONDON, UK – It’s clear that our caffeine levels are creeping up and up. Whether it’s a latte on the way to work or an espresso to get through the afternoon slump, coffee has become a routine pick-me-up for millions of Brits. However, there are growing concerns about the number of us who are addicted to caffeine and consume cup after cup ...

How coffee, chocolate and tea overturned a millennia-old medical mindset

WASHINGTON, DC, U.S. – When Italian botanist Prospero Alpini traveled to Egypt in 1580, he discovered a world of unusual plants—strangely shaped bananas, bright red opium poppies, chunky baobab trees. After returning to Europe three years later, Alpini publicized his findings in two volumes, De Plantis Aegypti and Da Medicina Aegyptiorum.

Exactly how much coffee is too much coffee? When should you cut back?

MILAN - Can you drink too much coffee? Many of us do not feel human without our daily coffee fix and indeed the energy...

Nicaragua has a cervical cancer problem. A coffee farm is trying to help

Maritza Blandón is crouched over a row of young coffee plants at a farm in Matagalpa, in the Northern mountains of Nicaragua. She works with a handful of other female coffee farmers who live and ...

Does drinking coffee make you a drug addict?

As the semester continues on full steam ahead and stress brews over finals, many Bobcats turn to their drug of choice, coffee, to keep...

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