Sunday 21 July 2024
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Hipster coffee craze reaches deep into African war zones

When Jennifer Poni Joel Donga introduced the stories of fellow coffee farmers in South Sudan to an audience in Paris last year, she was...

‘Deconstructed coffee’: Melbourne hipster trend has social media steaming

Is this "hipsterism" gone too far? A "deconstructed coffee" served in three separate glass beakers at a cafe in Melbourne's inner-north has drawn the ire of social media users nationwide, with the trend ...

Not so full of beans: instant coffee sales down in Australia

Just as CDs rendered vinyl records practically obsolete in the 1990s, so it sometimes seems that fresh coffee (preferably served up by a hipster barista in the cool café of the moment) is having ...

Hipster Sound brings that coffee shop clatter to any environment

Home coffee-making technology continues to progress at an astonishing pace, allowing average citizens to be amateur baristas in the comfort of their own homes....

UK – London Café invites customers to pair e-cigarettes with coffee

London’s Shoreditch,  home to the hipster, the pinstriped nicotine cravers and the too-cool-for-school East London dwellers, is the new site for London’s first e-cigarette...

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