Saturday 30 September 2023
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Hemro Group

Mahlkönig  &  Anfim  provided  the  grinders  for  the  World  Barista  Champions  2015

Mahlkönig  &  Anfim  provided  the  grinders  for  the  World  Barista  Champions  2015. What  an  amazing  competition!  Hosted  in  Seattle,  this  year’s  World  Barista Championship...

INTERNORGA 2015 – Meet the Hemro Group in Hamburg , the “coffee capital” of Germany

Ever since coffee has become the Germans’ favorite drink, almost every coffee bean consumed in Germany had reached the country through the port of...

NEWS FROM THE INDUSTRY – Management succession brought to a successful conclusion at the Hemro Group

BACHENBÜLACH/HAMBURG, Germany – The Hemro Group, owner of the brands MAHLKÖNIG, Ditting and Anfim, is pleased to announce that its management succession has been...

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