Monday 22 July 2024
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Australian BOM reports anomalous warmth in Tropical Pacific, but no shift towards El Niño

MELBOURNE, Australia – The Pacific Ocean is currently ENSO- neutral (neither La Niña nor El Niño), with anomalous warmth in both the east and...

El Niño Watch continues, Enso is currently neutral

MELBOURNE, Australia – The El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is currently neutral (neither La Niña nor El Niño), reports the Bureau of Meteorology...

La Niña has ended: ENSO now neutral, Australian BOM issues El Niño Watch

MELBOURNE, Australia – La Niña has ended in the tropical Pacific Ocean. The El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is now neutral (neither La Niña nor...

Positive IOD likely for winter, El Niño Watch remains, reports Bom

MELBOURNE, Australia – The tropical Pacific Ocean and atmosphere remain near El Niño thresholds, meaning the ENSO Outlook remains at El Niño Watch, reports...

Enso is neutral, but there is 50 percent chance of spring El Niño, says Bom

According to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), the El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) remains neutral. However, climate model outlooks and recent warming...

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