Monday 24 June 2024
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HREDD criteria added to Fairtrade Hired Labour and Trader Standards

BONN, Germany – In order to support companies and help them thrive in the context of strengthening expectations and laws on Human Rights and...

A message from Paul Stack, President of the SCA Board of Directors

Paul Stack, President of the SCA Board of Directors, has issued the following message announcing New Deferred Candidacy Policy and Events Site Criteria Committees...

Jura professional coffee machine receives Australian Good Design Award

EDGECLIFF, NSW, Australia – The Jura WE8 automatic coffee machine was one of only around 100 entries overall to receive a 2017 Good Design Award. The Jury commented: “The WE8 is a fit for purpose design in any commercial environment. A challenging design brief that has been executed very well ...

Why we need to stop talking about “Specialty Coffee”. Beyond marketing

SYDNEY, Australia – “It’s like we decided long ago that everything better than ‘not complete shit’ should sit in the same category,” says Andrew Kelly of Melbourne’s Small Batch Roasting Co. The world-recognised roaster is done with the term “specialty coffee” – a description so common in the modern marketplace that it’s become meaningless.

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