Tuesday 28 May 2024
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compostable packaging

UK roaster Dark Woods Coffee uses compostable packaging from Parkside

HUDDERSFIELD, West Yorkshire, UK – Dark Woods Coffee, a speciality coffee roaster based in West Yorkshire, UK, has announced it has chosen home compostable...

Nexe announces filing of U.S. provisional patent applications covering compostable packaging

VANCOUVER, BC, Canada - NEXE Innovations Inc., a leader in plant-based compostable technology and advanced materials innovation is pleased to announce the expansion of...

Five companies of excellence in Italy   join  forces  for  a  new compostable packaging project

MILAN – Five companies of excellence in the Italian supply chain are playing an important role as technological innovators in the transition process towards...

BioBean Coffee releases new range of home compostable packaging

MILAN — West Australian coffee roaster BioBean Coffee released a new range of home compostable packaging for their retail range in late December 2018....

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