Wednesday 29 May 2024
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coffee export

Vietnam’s coffee exports exceeded $4B in 2022/23

MILAN – Vietnam ’s coffee export earnings hit an all-time-high of US$4.08 billion in coffee year 2022/23, up 3.4% from the previous year, despite...

Production and export of coffee in Ecuador continue their drastic decline

MILAN – The production and export of coffee in Ecuador continues its drastic decline, states USDA’s Foreigh Agricultural Service in its latest Gain Report....

AgDevCo completes first investment in Uganda’s coffee sector

LONDON, UK — AgDevCo announced an investment in Great Lakes Coffee, Uganda's leading producer and exporter of fully traceable, high-grade coffees. AgDevCo's multi-million dollar...

Vietnam coffee exports up 17.7 percent in January-April period, Gso reports

HANOI, Vietnam – Coffee exports from Vietnam over the January-April period reached an estimated 689,000 tons or 11.48 million bags, according to data provided...

Colombian Federation reports decline in monthly production and export

MILAN – Colombia’s coffee production in February was 81,000 bags or 6.26% lower on year to 1,212,000 bags, according to the National Federation of...

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