Thursday 25 July 2024
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Brazilian crop

Coffee futures remain under pressure, London at six-month lows in first day of the week

MILAN – Coffee futures markets remain under pressure. The soaring dollar and financial uncertainties continue to set a negative tone to coffee prices both...

More than 40% of the new Brazilian crop has been marketed according to Cepea

SAO PAULO, Brazil – Although coffee prices mostly dropped in the first fortnight of August, arabica quotes are still high in the Brazilian market,...

Cepea says 20% of the Brazilian Arabica 2016/17 crop is left to be traded

SAO PAULO, Brazil – The arabica volume left from the 2016/17 season at growers and cooperatives is around 20% of the production, considering regions surveyed by Cepea. In the same period last year, roughly 15% of the crop was still available to be traded. Most part of this product left in 2017 has intermediate quality, but there is also ...

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