Monday 22 April 2024
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Ireland moves a step closer to banning the use of plastic coffee cups

DUBLIN, Ireland – Ireland has moved a step closer to banning the use of plastic coffee cups in favour of biodegradable alternatives by 2020. In Britain, an estimated 2.5billion disposable coffee cups are used each year, creating approximately 25,000 tonnes of waste.

Starbucks vows to hire 10,000 refugees in 75 countries in response to Trump’s ban

WASHINGTON, US – Leaders of several American companies have announced plans to hire, house or otherwise support people affected by President Trump's sweeping freeze...

Costa Rica maintains ban on Robusta

The National Coffee Congress of Costa Rica rejected a proposal to lift a ban on growing the robusta coffee bean, local media report quoting two participants at an extraordinary congressional session held on ...

San Francisco Bans Packing Peanuts, Coffee Cups and Other Foam Products

  SAN FRANCISCO - The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously voted to outlaw a host of commonly used foam products, in a...

Saudi Starbucks fixes “gender wall,” lifts women’s ban

MILAN - Starbucks has lifted a temporary ban on women entering one of its coffee shops saying a gender-segregating wall had been re-built after...

EU bans ornamental coffee plants from Costa Rica and Honduras

The phytosanitary measures implemented by the European Union have been in force since May and aim to prevent the entry of the bacterium Xylella...

EASTERN EUROPE – Belarus bans Russian noodles, coffee amid trade dispute

Belarus' chief sanitary inspector and deputy health minister, Ihar Hayeuski, has banned imports of Russia-produced noodles and coffee amid a trade spat between the...

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