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Switzerland exported over $2.5 billion worth of processed coffee last year

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MILAN – Switzerland exported over CHF2.5 billion ($2.56 billion) worth of coffee in 2019, according to a press release issued by the Swiss Customs Administration. This figure includes roasted and unroasted, whole bean and ground, and decaffeinated coffee.

The country has been among the top five coffee exporters by value since 2009. Last year, Switzerland sold abroad a total of 83,819 tonnes of coffee and imported 187,591 tonnes worth CHF745 million.

Around 93% of imports were unroasted coffee beans while 98% of exports were roasted beans. Swiss roasting adds tremendous value to the product, with the average price of imported beans at CHF4/kg and exported beans at CHF30/kg.

The net benefit to the country’s coffee industry was CHF1.8 billion.

SwitzerlandNeighbours France, Germany, Italy and Austria account for 43% of exports. The US is another big market (10% of exports) and pays the highest average price for Swiss roasted coffee at CHF44/kg.

Brazil (23.3%) and Colombia (13.5%) are the major source of coffee imports with Vietnam offering the cheapest average rates at CHF2/kg.


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