Thursday 30 May 2024
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Suspended Coffee: from Naples to Providence using a new app

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Nack is a brand new iPhone and Android app that let you buy a cup of coffee and give it to a friend or just buy and leave a “suspended coffee”, for a stranger, at locations throughout the World.

Suspended coffee is an old Italian tradition, that began in the working class cafes of Naples; by paying for two cups and receiving just one, the second cup would be held or suspended for someone in need who asked for it.

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Nack also gives you the chance to personalize your coffee gift with a picture and a note. After your coffee gift is redeemed your message will be revealed to the recipient and you will be notified of the redemption within the app.

“Nack is more than a mobile gifting app, it is a social network built around the coffee experience. It is designed to facilitate thoughtful acts that can be expressed effortlessly as part of the average person’s daily routine and lifestyle,” said Paul Haun, founder and CEO of Kaneland LLC, the Rhode Island company that conceived and developed Nack.


“Getting a cup of coffee and enjoying it with friends and co-workers is an important social ritual. Suspending a cup of coffee for a stranger is an easy gesture that fulfills peoples’ desire to have a positive impact on the world.”


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