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Stumptown Coffee launches Sustainability & Impact Campaign

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PORTLAND, Ore., USA – Stumptown Coffee Roasters kicks off “Earth Month” with a campaign celebrating its commitment to the earth, people, and coffee. A new webpage ( highlights Stumptown’s philosophy and commitment to sustainable business partnerships and practices, including its recertification as a B Corporation.

Stumptown also released its second annual Sustainability & Impact Report, which articulates the company’s key environmental and social activities and progress during the last year.

Fittingly, Stumptown also unveiled a brand-new coffee: “Supernature,” an organic blend sourced from producer partners doing sustainability work that benefits their farms, their communities, and the planet. Supernature is available online, at Stumptown cafes, and through select wholesale partners across the country starting today.

“The pandemic and the many diverse challenges of the recovery, globally and in our own backyards, have given us an increased appreciation for the fragility of life – in our relationships, in our communities, and on our planet,” says Stumptown President, Laura Szeliga. “We’re ever more cognizant of how our decisions affect people, the environment, and the communities where we operate and source coffee around the world, which gave our work in 2021 even more significance and meaning.”

B Corporation Recertification Underscores Commitment to Sustainability (And Garners a Near 10-point Increase)
Stumptown first became a certified B Corporation in 2018, committing to continuous improvement in accountability and transparency on topics ranging from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. B Corp requires recertification every three years, which includes an extensive audit and re-scoring of how a company measures in accordance with their entire social and environmental impact.

“B Corp’s detailed recertification process gave us an opportunity to see how we progressed against our priorities,” says Szeliga. “After months of hard work by many people on our team, Stumptown happily received our recertification – and saw our qualifying score improve from an 80 in 2018 to an 89.7 in 2021.”

Available Now: Supernature—A Blend of Elemental Proportions
What’s a celebration of sustainable coffee business without a new coffee to taste? Available starting today, Supernature is a celebration of some of Mother Earth’s best work: her coffee and the humans who tend it. A blend of two organic coffees from Peru and Colombia, Supernature has a unique yet eminently accessible flavor profile, exhibiting notes of juicy cherry, green grape, and brown sugar.

“We’re proud to offer this exquisite coffee and proud to support producer partners doing sustainability work that benefits their farms, their communities, and the planet,” says Katy Keisling, Stumptown’s Green Coffee Sourcing Manager. “For this blend, we’ve brought together organic coffees from two long-term partners: Peru Churupampa and Colombia Pergamino Cauca. Not only are these coffees an excellent pair from a quality perspective, but they share a common story of local leaders implementing organic compost systems to improve the environmental sustainability of coffee in their communities, which Stumptown has supported with funding.”

Starting today, Supernature is available for purchase for $20 online, at Stumptown cafes (excluding airport locations and Kyoto, Japan), and is available through select wholesale partners across the country.

Committed in 1999, Committed Today, and Committed to the Future
“At Stumptown, we don’t believe in doing things halfway,” says Shauna Alexander, Vice President of Coffee and Sustainability for Stumptown. “For over 20 years, we’ve been uncompromising in our commitment to quality: not only in our coffees, but in the way we treat the planet and the people who make what we do possible. We’re so excited to spend an entire month shining a light on the work Stumptown and our partners have been doing to build a more equitable and sustainable world.”

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