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STUDY – Higher yields, bigger incomes and better living conditions for UTZ certified cocoa farmers

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Cocoa farmers in the UTZ program have higher yields, bigger incomes, and better living conditions than similar farmers who are not certified, according to an evaluation study carried out in Côte d’Ivoire.
780 farmers from 97 cooperatives were surveyed in the study, which looked at the impact of UTZ program activities between 2008 and 2012.
The research found that UTZ certified cocoa farmers know more about good agricultural practices, and implement this knowledge more effectively, than non-certified farmers. They also share their knowledge by training their families and workers. Almost all the farmers were satisfied with the UTZ program and training (97%), and report positive changes from certification (92%).
One cooperative manager commented: “The advantages are many: higher quality, more volume, self-financing of the cooperative, better living conditions. The program enables me to save money and time.”
The study was commissioned by UTZ Certified and led by LEI Wageningen UR.
Read the full report here.
Read UTZ Certified’s response to the study here.

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