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Strauss Coffee wraps up Q3 with $378 million in revenue

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PETAH TIKVA, Israel – Strauss Group published its financial statements for the third quarter of 2022. In the quarter, the Company recorded an increase of 7% in revenue, which amounted to NIS 2.5 billion ($726.8 million). In the first nine months of 2022, revenue totaled NIS 7 billion (US$2 billion), up 7.6%1.

The increase is largely due to sales growth in the coffee company in Brazil and Eastern Europe as well as continued growth in the water company but was offset by the drop in sales by the Confectionery Division and Sabra, both of which operated partially in the past several months.

The consequences of the confectionery recall and the adjustment plan in Sabra, as well as the rising costs of raw materials, mainly raw milk, green coffee, packaging materials and shipping and transportation costs, led to a 9.9% drop in gross profit, which was NIS 746 million ($216.9 million) in the quarter (gross margin of 30%).

These circumstances also caused a drop in operating profit, which amounted to NIS 111 million (US$32,3 million), down 63.3% compared to the corresponding period last year. Income attributable to shareholders in the quarter was NIS 35 million, reflecting a drop of 82.4% compared to the corresponding quarter of 2021.

In an immediate report issued this morning, the company updated the estimated damage to its net profit for 2022 due to the recall event and the shutdown of the plant to a range of NIS 290-310 million.

Giora Bardea, Strauss Group CEO: “Strauss Group delivered growth in most of its businesses, other than the confectionery category in Israel and International Dips & Spreads. At the same time, coping with inflation and considerable increases in raw material prices, as well as Sabra’s gradual return to the market and the suspension of confectionery operations have led to margin erosion. Strauss Coffee posted a quarter of strong performance, Strauss Water is growing admirably, and Strauss’s food and beverage business in Israel, excluding confectionery, is maintaining market share and continues to grow nicely. In recent weeks, we have continued to implement the strategic plan we announced last March. We also announced the extension of our partnership agreement with the Lima family in Brazil for another twenty years and kicked off the Group’s restructuring plan in the Israel geography. I am currently handing over leadership of the Group to Shai Babad and will assist him in assuming the position.”

Strauss Israel wrapped up the quarter with NIS 871 million (US$253,3 million) in revenue, down 10.7%, largely the result of a 47% drop in sales by the Fun & Indulgence segment, which amounted to NIS 143 million in the quarter due to the confectionery recall.

The Company’s market share in the dairy, fresh foods, salty snacks and Yad Mordechai categories grew in the first nine months of 2022. Sales by the Health & Wellness segment were up 3.2% in the quarter and amounted to NIS 728 million, mainly due to growth in sales of dairy products and dairy alternatives. Rising raw material prices, notably the “target price” of milk, eroded the segment’s operating profit, which amounted to NIS 66 million, and the operating margin was 9% compared to 13.6% in the corresponding period last year.

Strauss Coffee delivered an outstanding quarter, with NIS 1.3 billion ($378 million) in revenue and 37.3% growth across all geographies. In Israel, the coffee company’s revenue was NIS 200 million ($58.1 million), reflecting 15.7% growth compared to the corresponding period last year. In Brazil, sales soared 33.6% to NIS 697 million ($202.6 million), largely the result of a price update introduced this year.

The Três Corações coffee company holds a 32.5% share of the roast & ground coffee market in Brazil, compared to 30.6% in the corresponding period.

An agreement was recently signed with the partners in the joint venture to extend the successful partnership, which has created exceptional shareholder value throughout the years, for a further twenty years. The coffee business in Europe delivered an especially strong quarter, with sales growth2 of 67% in Russia and Ukraine and 23.5% in Poland.

Strauss Water continued to grow commendably in the third quarter as well. The company’s sales amounted to NIS 210 million – an increase of 9.1% – largely thanks to growth in the installed base and in sales of new appliances. The business in China continues to be impacted by COVID-19 but grew2 4.7% to NIS 161 million (reflecting 100% ownership) in the quarter. The business in the U.K. is expanding, and the company recently launched the new and advanced “edge” water bar series.

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