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Strauss Group announces 10% revenue growth in Q2, coffee business up 13% to US$262.8m

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PETAH TIKVA, Israel – This morning, Strauss Group published its financial statements for the second quarter and first half of 2021. The financial statements indicate that innovation, coupled with the lifting of restrictions and the resumption of business activities alongside the pandemic in the past quarter, have contributed to growth in the company’s revenues, which increased by around 10.0% in the quarter and amounted to approximately NIS 2.13 billion (US$660.1 million) . Sales growth is evident in all operating segments, particularly Strauss Coffee, Strauss Israel and Strauss Water, while Sabra in the US also recorded revenue growth in local currency.

Strauss Group President & CEO Giora Bardea says: “We are wrapping up a solid quarter and half year with significant sales growth, reflected across all regions in which the Group is active, and stability in most of our market shares. The lifting of restrictions and the gradual return to life alongside COVID-19 have enabled the Group to resume regular operations in segments where business was considerably slowed in the corresponding periods last year. That said, looking ahead it seems likely that some of the limitations will be reinstated in the third and fourth quarters due to the global spread of the delta variant, and we will simply have to learn to live and work alongside COVID.

This understanding – that business activities in the foreseeable future will continue alongside the coronavirus, with the resulting uncertainty served as a catalyst for continued pursuit of our expansion as we build growth drivers for the future. We will continue to enter new business fields: In Israel, we recently announced our entry into ready-to-heat frozen meals and the signing of a partnership agreement with the tofu manufacturer, Wyler Farms, as part of the Group’s expansion in the plant-based protein category. In the context of this move, which we announced several months ago, the company has decided on the establishment of a new manufacturing plant for Alpro products in Israel.

Business has also been robust in China. Sales are growing, and we continue to lead in the online sales channels. The Chinese joint venture’s new manufacturing plant is now operational and will soon be operating at full capacity. In Israel, at the end of the quarter Strauss Water launched its new, advanced water bars, Edge and Edge Plus, and sales are excellent.

Strauss Group is growing in all geographies: Brazil, Israel and Eastern Europe, and the capsule category is a strong growth driver in Israel and Brazil.

Other businesses that are driving the Group forward are the Growth and Innovation Arm and FoodTech. Just recently, we announced an impressive funding round by the cultivated meat manufacturer, Aleph Farms, which raised $105 million, and the gain will be recorded in the third quarter as a result. I am certain that in the foreseeable future, we will be witnessing more successes by other companies that are growing in the FoodTech accelerator in Ashdod.”


The company’s gross profit in the second quarter was approximately NIS 795 million, a 6.9% growth compared to the corresponding period last year, and the gross margin was 37.3% compared to 38.4% last year. The drop in the gross margin is largely the result of the increase in raw material prices and international shipping costs. Operating profit in the quarter was approximately NIS 212 million – a 10.0% margin compared to 11.5% in the corresponding period.

The drop in the operating profit margin is mainly due to the drop in the gross margin as well as nonrecurring events, which include a one-time government grant in China that was received in the corresponding period last year and low marketing and G&A expenses due to COVID-19 in the corresponding period among others. Strauss Israel’s operating margin improved in the quarter. Net profit in the second quarter was approximately NIS 126 million, reflecting a decrease of 6.3%, and in the first half – NIS 322 million, an increase of 8.7%.

Strauss Israel‘s business grew by an impressive 7.7% in the second quarter with revenues of approximately NIS 917 million, largely the result of growth in sales of dairy and dairy alternative products as well as a recovery in salty and sweet snack sales for consumption away-from-home and at social gatherings. At the end of the second quarter, Strauss Israel’s business held a 12.4% share of the domestic food and beverage market, compared to 12.1% last year. The company’s operating profit in the quarter was NIS 108 million, reflecting an increase of 10.1%.

In the second quarter, Strauss Coffee‘s sales totaled NIS 848 million (US$262.8 million) – 13.0% growth compared to the corresponding period last year, thanks to sales growth in Israel, mainly as a result of the reopening of the Elite Café chain’s business and sales to the institutional market, and also in countries such as Serbia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine following growth in quantities sold and an increase in sales prices. In the quarter, the company recorded NIS 77 million in operating profit – an operating margin of 9.2% compared to 9.7% last year due to the drop in the gross margin following the increase in green coffee prices.

Strauss Water enjoyed an especially strong quarter, with sales rising by a sharp 16.4% to NIS 186 million. Sales growth was the result of growth in the customer base as well as an increase in the number of new water bars in Israel. Toward the end of the quarter, the company launched its new, advanced water bars in the tami4edge series (Edge and Edge Plus), which were met with great success. Additionally, in China, Haier Strauss Water (HSW) recorded 22.4% sales growth in local currency, and HSW’s new manufacturing facility in the country is operational. Operating profit in the quarter amounted to approximately NIS 22 million compared to NIS 30 million in the corresponding period, when a one-time NIS 11 million government grant for the construction of the manufacturing plant was received. Excluding the one-time grant, Strauss Water recorded an increase in its operating profit and operating margin.

In the second quarter, Sabra and Obela‘s revenues were approximately NIS 321 million and NIS 42 million (reflecting 100% ownership), respectively, compared to NIS 319 million and NIS 36 million (100%) in the corresponding period last year, respectively. In the first half, Sabra’s share of the dips and spreads market in the US was 61.2% – Number 1 in the market – compared to 62.5% last year


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