Friday 19 August 2022

Strategic partnership announced between Tone Kaffeemaschinen and Bwt water+more Deutschland

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THUN, Switzerland – Tone Kaffeemaschinen AG (“TONE”), announces its strategic partnership with BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH (“BWT”). TONE focuses on developing and manufacturing energy efficient and intelligently designed brewing equipment. Both companies are going beyond the conventional by building a better, more sustainable future to deliver products that exceed current standards for performance, ease of use and service.

After a meeting in 2020 between BWT and TONE both companies realized that they share the same targets for their customers: best final coffee quality in the cup – everywhere in the world! In addition, fully reliable protection of the coffee machine independent of local water quality, is a must!

For achieving this, TONE and BWT investigated in deep the effects of water optimization of both companies’ devices. Benefit for all customers of TONE worldwide is an integrated solution, ensuring always best coffee by perfect water.

The partnership of TONE and BWT includes further joint development of water optimization for coffee, as well as worldwide training and technical support for all customers.

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BWT and TONE will be present at the upcoming SCA WoC Show in Milan (June 23rd – 25th) TONE products can be found at:

  1. BWT water+more booth H3-S10
  2. TONE booth H3-D04
  3. Fairtrade International booth MS-C03
  4. List & Beisler booth H3-B11
  5. Hemro Group booth H3-Q03
  6. SCA Brew Bar
  7. Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur Berlin Wien – Roasters Village No 40

About Tone

Inspired by the technological innovations, investments, and advances being made in the world of espresso equipment, TONE was born with the idea of elevating the precision of temperature and flow control then available on tea and filter coffee brewing equipment.

Rather than limiting itself to technology and material then commonly used within the coffee industry, TONE sought out global design and engineering experts to build a better, smarter, and more thoughtful brewing device. By connecting specialty coffee and tea professionals with world-class engineers from the medical device and aerospace industries, TONE created the world’s first boilerless and energy optimized brewer. The result is equipment that allows precision control of temperature and flow while consuming 10 times less energy than traditional equipment.

TONE’s trailblazing, boilerless products are controlled by sophisticated and intuitive software and firmware that permits an unequaled number of recipes that allow each user to define consistent brewing parameters.
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About BWT water+more

As a water optimization specialist operating on an international footing, BWT water+more has an overview of the local water situations worldwide and supports the international coffee community with their full practical know-how. The technological advances by BWT water+more provide the ideal conditions for success in the hotel/restaurant/café sector.

BWT water+more has the world’s biggest product portfolio for optimizing water for specialty coffees, hot and cold beverages, baking, steaming, and dish-washing engineering.
Founded in 2005, the water filter specialist is a member of the global Best Water Technology AG (BWT). Founded in Austria in 1990, the BWT Group is Europe’s leading player in the water treatment industry, with approx. 5,000 employees in 70 subsidiaries and affiliates.
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