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STōK Cold Brew launches new “fueled” line of creamers and Rtd Coffee

New “Fueled” product line features innovative creamers and a ready-to-drink coffee.

BROOMFIELD, Colo., U.S. — STōK Cold Brew is giving consumers a new way to fuel their coffee — and fuel their dreams — with its latest line of innovative products: STōK Fueled Creamers and Ready-to-Drink Coffee. Geared toward those who are looking to jump-start their day, the STōK Fueled line includes extra calories from protein, butter and MCT oil to help fuel you.

The line includes a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee as well as three flavors of fueled creamers. As functional coffee continues to dominate headlines, STōK Fueled Cold Brew is the ideal choice for consumers looking for more from their coffee but aren’t willing to sacrifice great taste or convenience.

Offering a delicious, creamy taste, STōK Fueled Cold Brew Ready-to-Drink Unsweet Coffee is available in 48-oz. multi-serve bottles and provides caffeine for quick-start energy, along with energy 10g of protein, 5g of MCT oil (the medium-chain triglycerides everyone’s workout buddy goes on and on about), fat from butter and no added sugars. And if it wasn’t trendy enough, STōK Fueled Cold Brew is also a keto-friendly* coffee option for those following the high-protein, low-sugar diet.

Available in 16-oz. bottles in three flavors, Original, Vanilla and Unsweet, STōK Fueled Creamers have 5g of protein, 5g MCT oil and butter (we’re talking real dairy) per serving, offering a great-tasting solution for those who want to kick up their coffee.

Similar to STōK Fueled Cold Brew Unsweet Coffee, STōK Fueled Creamers are keto-friendly* and a great option for those observing a keto diet.

“We are always looking to keep up with the latest food trends and be at the forefront of innovation based on our consumers’ needs,” said Lindsey Morgan, Director of Marketing for STōK Cold Brew Coffee.

“As functional coffee continues to make headlines, and with the lack of options that deliver on both great taste and convenience, we saw this as an opportunity to provide our coffee lovers with a viable solution that is sure to start their day on the right note.”

STōK Fueled Cold Brew Coffee and Creamers are available now at grocery and mass market retailers in the U.S. at a suggested retail price of $5.49 and $3.99, respectively. Please visit SToKColdBrew.com to learn more.

*Not intended for medical use. If on a medically prescribed diet, speak to your doctor before consuming this product.