Wednesday 25 May 2022

It’s official, Starbucks will open its first shop in Cape Town later this year

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Cape Town hosted on 26th February the first-ever Allegra Coffee Leader Summit in South Africa that took place at the Taj hotel.

Exploring the theme, Building a Stronger Future Together, the summit drew inspiration from the latest global trends and developments, and discussed how coffee-related businesses can adapt and thrive in the changing market dynamics.

The event included coffee leaders from Origin, Truth Coffee, Seattle Coffee Company and Starbucks tackling a variety of topics from global trends, sustainability, ethics and how to be more inclusive.

“The real reason behind the Coffee Leader Summit was that there had never been one before, and we had seen the success in London, New York and various markets in Europe,” said Allegra Group CEO and Founder, Jeffrey Young.

Young said it was clear to him that there were a lot of people not connecting and that lack of information was unfortunate.

“This is a very new era, with the arrival of Starbucks in Cape Town later this year, it shows that there are a number of first’s coming. Clearly, Starbucks in Cape Town will be a seminal moment for the coffee industry, like how this event will be a catalyst for the industry moving forward.”

Starbucks, which took the country by storm with its launch in April 2016, has seen the international coffee company launch 10 stores in SA. They will also be launching Cape Town’s first Starbucks in the second quarter of the year revealed managing executive Clive Liversage.

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