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Starbucks to inaugurate Milan’s iconic Reserve Roastery in September

MILAN – Starbucks is set to launch its first outlet in Italy later this year in November, the company’s executive president Howard Schultz unveiled on Monday. Schultz took part as a keynote speaker at The Global Food Innovation Summit “Seeds&Chips”, taking place in Milan until Thursday.

The Seattle-based coffee chain will open a high-ed flagship store in the historic post-office building overlooking Piazza Cordusio in central Milan. This will be Starbucks’ first Reserve Roastery to open in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and the fifth globally.

This new location will also offer freshly baked food on site from Italian artisan baker Rocco Princi, the exclusive food provider for all new global Roastery locations.

Following the Roastery opening, Italian licensee and business partner Percassi will open a small number of Starbucks stores in Milan for the balance of 2018. Each new store will be carefully designed and curated to respect the local community and unique Milanese context.

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