Friday 01 March 2024

Starbucks Japan to release summer rare ready-to-drink cheesecake beverage

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MILAN – While Starbucks branches are cautiously reopening in Japan, as the various coronavirus restrictions and measures ease, limited time only Frappuccinos and seasonal lattes aren’t quite back on the menu just yet.

However, coffee aficionados missing the chain’s various imaginative seasonal offerings can console themselves with the chilled cup drinks section of their local convenience store or supermarket.

While chilled cup versions of Starbucks’ classic coffees, such as lattes and espresso, can be found on the shelves at all times, sometimes a more special beverage appears alongside them, for example, the blossom inspired sakura range that is released in stores every spring.

For summer this year, Starbucks Japan have come up with a chilled cup drink inspired by an invigorating dessert to suit the season, rare cheesecake.

To keep the beverage light and refreshing they went for a lemon flavor with a hint of shortbread in a creamy milk base. The packaging is also suitably bright for the time of the year.

The drink, costing 200 yen, will turn up from June 16 in chilled cup drink sections of Japanese convenience stores.

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