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SPoT Coffee provides new franchise location opening and operations update

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TORONTO, Canada – SPoT Coffee announces that, further to its franchise update news release of December 10 th , 2019, the full development of the following franchise SPoT Express locations and SPoT neighborhood cafés have been completed this year despite the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. Two of these locations, namely SPoT Coffee Niagara Falls and the SPoT Express at the Tops Elmwood supermarket, are now open to welcome and serve customers.

SPoT Coffee Niagara Falls, NY

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening of SPoT Coffee Niagara Falls was delayed until early August of this year. Once the development of this beautiful café located on the scenic banks of the Niagara River was completed, it opened its doors to tourists and residents of its local Niagara neighborhood. Since its opening, the operation of SPoT Coffee Niagara Falls has been outperforming expectations. It continues to grow its already impressive guest list.

SPoT Express at Tops Elmwood Supermarket

In keeping with SPoT’s commitment to advancing its multi-franchise strategic alliance with Tops, this Express café was opened in late July of this year and is currently the fifth and most recent SPoT Express to open inside a Tops supermarket in the greater Buffalo area.

SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda, NY


The full development of SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda is nearing completion as of the issuance of this news release and is presently estimated to open before Christmas of 2020. As previously announced, this café is located inside a 130-year old historic building that previously housed the North Tonawanda History Museum. SPoT’s franchisee there, Ralph Dailey , is also a property developer. He has been paying a great deal of attention to the interior design of this café and is focused on creating a warm and welcoming ambiance based on a refreshing industrial marine theme. The Company has commenced training the manager of SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda in preparation for its imminent opening.

Under COVID-19 regulations, the Company’s cafes are currently operating with only 50% of their normal inside seating capacity available to customers. However, even with reduced inside seating, SPoT’s cafes have been generating up to 65% of their pre-COVID-19 average sales figures. SPoT is also pleased to report that none of its Spotters, café managers, members of its management team or customers have reported any COVID-19 cases. Under the efficient management of SPoT’s Chief Café Operations Officer, Brandon Sterner , SPoT’s cafés are operating under the strictest sanitation guidelines and at maximum productivity.

“With more new SPoT locations opening for business, the Company has been continuously proving the resilience of its concept. The business model of the Company has endured the acid test of the COVID-19 pandemic and has exhibited the ability to grow its business even during these trying times.” stated John Lorenzo , the Company’s CEO and Chairman.


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