Monday 27 June 2022

SPoT Coffee announces new franchise agreement

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, Canada – SPoT Coffee is pleased to announce it has signed a new franchise agreement for its SPoT Transit cafe located in the commercial neighborhood of Transit Road in Buffalo.

Under the terms of the agreement, the franchisee has paid the USD 30,000 initial franchise fee along with a further USD 75,000 for the construction of a modern drive-thru system for the location.

“The decision to add a drive-thru to SPoT Transit, SPoT Coffee’s first drive-thru, has been made to take full advantage of the large volume of vehicular traffic in the commercial area of Transit Road,” said SPoT president Anton Ayoub, “Our goal is to provide the best customer experience, whether it is in our cafes or now in our drive-thru.”

Upon satisfaction of the performance of the cafe with the new drive-thru system, the franchisee has the option to make a final USD 250,000 payment to the Company to complete the acquisition of the SPoT Transit cafe franchise.

In the event that the franchisee is not satisfied with the post-expansion performance of the cafe, the USD 75,000 will be returned by SPoT Coffee to the franchisee or a credit will be extended to the franchisee and a new location will be identified and constructed.

The build-out of the SPoT Transit drive-thru is scheduled to commence in March of 2017 when weather conditions are favorable.

The Company is presently engaged in the process of securing all of the municipal permits necessary to commence work on the expansion.

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