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Sofía Vergara launches the Colombian coffee of her dreams with ¡Díos Mio!

The name, translating to "My God!", is a common expression used by Latinos when discovering the perfect taste and flavor

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LOS ANGELES, USA – Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated and SAG award-winning actress, producer, entrepreneur, proud Colombian, and self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, Sofía Vergara, announced today her foray into the coffee industry with the launch of ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE, available on now. Originating from the mountains of Colombia, where coffee is more than a drink, it is an expression of passion and authenticity, ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE evokes the traditions and flavors of the country while celebrating the female coffee growers behind the brand.

The name, translating to “My God!”, is a common expression used by Latinos when discovering the perfect taste and flavor.

“¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE comes from my love of Colombian coffee and my high standards when it comes to the quality of my coffee,” says Sofía Vergara, Co-Founder. “I grew up in Colombia, drinking Colombian coffee. We have spent the last few years creating these blends with an amazing team of female coffee growers behind us. Women represent 30% of Colombian coffee growers, and it’s an honor to highlight their families and legacies through ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE.”

The brand partnered with the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (The National Federation of Coffee Growers – FNC), the most important coffee institution in Colombia, to produce authentic Colombian coffee beans of the highest quality in three premium blends that each pay tribute to the qualities and characteristics of Colombian women:

Sweetness (Light Roast) – Dulzura coffee captures the essence of a warm ‘abrazo de abuela’ (grandmother’s hug). The love and dedication coffee growers put into every step of the process creates a smooth, fruity cup with delightful sweetness and a hint of acidity.

Balance (Medium Roast) – This blend gives a rich aroma and flavor with notes of nuts, white chocolate, and brown sugar in every cup. A blend of flavors inspired by the mujeres (women) who gracefully balance work, family, and passion for coffee.


Strength (Dark Roast) – A flavor inspired by the fuerza (strength) of Colombian women in coffee farming. This dark roast blend is a symbol of energy running through Latin veins. Each sip gives you a strong coffee flavor with cocoa hints and smoky notes as a result of excessive caramelization.


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