Wednesday 24 July 2024
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Smart Coffee is coming now to the blockchain

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FORT WASHINGTON, MD, USA – (currency currently trading on and BabySwap, under the symbol WSOW) is an advanced blockchain based business that gives back to humanity while providing solutions for global issues. Yesterday, RxSeedCoin announced a partnership with to introduce a popular micronutrient-infused coffee to the vast and ever-increasing community connected through blockchain’s global decentralized financial market.

“Millions of people around the globe are enthusiastic about using, storing, and building value in decentralized finance markets through NFTs, cryptocurrency and new systems based on blockchain technology, and many people love coffee!” says, David Miller a founder of “So, I can’t imagine a better way to help support the 24/7 grinding community of developers and traders than with a cup of a restorative micronutrient-infused gourmet cup of joe!”

Each Rx Smart Coffee blend is tailored toward improving specific health goals using organic micronutrients extracted from herbs that have been proven to help restore and support body function.’s breakthrough technology, Bio-Natural Phytochemical Extraction, or BPE, extracts the active constituents from ingredients and infuses them into the organic coffee, making your daily cup your daily dose of vitamins.

“We owe the development of this particular project to Dr. David and Alyze Sam, who has brought extraordinary insight and excitement around the coffee project to the team, ” says Jeff Richfield, a founder of “We are creating coffee-related NFTs very soon and we are excited to be bringing RxSmartCoffee and sponsor FinTech events starting in Miami this week. I can’t start my day without my RxSmart Coffee! The various coffees taste fantastic and I feel good drinking coffee that has vital nutrients.”

“As a former holistic nurse for 13 years, I often miss watching miracles take place. I miss taking care of people and find myself in the big world of technology trying to be a ‘fixer’ or ‘healer’- This ‘beneficial bean’, as we like to term it, is really impacting in ways I never thought coffee could! I enjoy the immunity blend Rx Smart Coffee, as someone that travels frequently as well as suffers from Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m elated to continue to grow this incredible product, we will soon invite our community to share and formulate an avenue to monetization while we enjoy a holistic coffee.” is a for-profit blockchain solution incubator with projects in the clean energy sector that has committed a third of its resources to help provide solutions for global issues including hunger, homelessness, health, and the provision of clean energy solutions, as well as disaster relief and temporary emergency housing.

As part of RXSeedCoin’s ongoing mission to love and support humanity, entering into the industry of assisting those who need it the most. WSOW can be purchased on Special NFTs to support disaster relief are currently for sale on

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