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Slow Food Coffee Coalition holds a Masterclass, launches the #savethecoffeebreak campaign

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MILAN – On October 1, from 10 to 11.30 am, the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, together with the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) and the International Coffee Organization (ICO), invite you to the Masterclass The Slow Food Coffee Coalition – From cup to bean. This free event is hosted by the World Food Forum, an independent global network of partners, created for and by youth conceived by the Youth Committee of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), to spark a movement to transform our agri-food systems.

Led by the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, SFYN and the ICO, this Masterclass will explore the world of coffee, presenting the journey backwards, from cup to bean. Addressing young people, it aims to raise awareness of the world of coffee and to allow them to understand what is hidden behind our daily cup in the everyday lives of the workers. “We will celebrate the 2021 International Coffee Day by focusing on supporting the next generation of coffee growers, and the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, helping them to build a more prosperous future for the sector”, comments Emanuele Dughera, Slow Food Coffee Coalition Focal Point.


Opening by José Sette, Executive-Director of the International Coffee Organization

Keynote Speakers:

  • Emanuele Dughera, Slow Food Coffee Coalition Focal Point
  • Rebecca Marcone, barista, roaster and expert in sustainable development
  • Veronica Rossi, of the Lavazza Institutional Relations & Sustainability Department
  • Francesco Impallomeni, Co-founder and Head Roaster at Nordic Roasting Co – Copenhagen
  • Michela Accerenzi, Regional Coordinator for Central America of the ETEA FoundationClick here to register and participate

    On International Coffee Day the Slow Food Coffee Coalition launches its digital campaign #savethecoffeebreak. “We want to stress that coffee is not just a caffeinated beverage, but an agricultural product that contains a thousand nuances and which can still surprise us. This is why with the Slow Food Coffee Coalition we want to ensure that on one hand the work of growers is recognized, and on the other that consumers can make choices with more awareness”, continues Dughera. “For many people coffee is just a way to get some more energy or to have a quick breakfast. We would like to encourage them to think more about the coffee they drink, where it comes from and who cultivates it, in order to change their approach to coffee. Travelling around the world, we will explore what coffee breaks mean for roasters, consumers and producers, highlighting the importance of safeguarding biodiversity and fighting climate change. So follow us on Slow Food social media to find out more!”

    Besides that, local groups in Mexico, Honduras, Argentina and Guatemala are organizing events and talks to celebrate International Coffee Day too. Click here for more info!

The digital campaign #savethecoffeebreak

The coffee break can become a tool for reflection and education around the complex coffee supply chain. Through a world tour of coffee breaks for roasters, consumers and producers, the campaign aims to explore the origins, the types of production and the sensory characteristics of different coffees, highlighting the importance of preserving biodiversity and the risks related to the climate crisis. The goal of the campaign is to stress the urgency around coffee production and to raise awareness of the value chain, leading people to ask themselves “What kind of coffee am I drinking? Where does it come from?” Simple questions that could help people develop a new approach to coffee.

Everybody can take action

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition is an open network created by Slow Food in collaboration with the Lavazza Group. The objective of the network is to improve the relationship between farmers and consumers, strengthening the first and most fragile link in the chain and promoting a better understanding of coffee and its identity among those who buy it on a daily basis. Everybody can sign the manifesto, so that together we can work towards ensuring and enjoying a good, clean and fair product. This is a global network that believes in preserving the environment, safeguarding fundamental human and labor rights, transparency and traceability, education and the right to pleasure, and has made these elements the cornerstones of a new path forward. Anyone can choose to join the coalition, to listen, learn and share, to encourage an exchange of ideas and good practices or to come up with new activities. Join us on this new journey, sign the manifesto and join the Slow Food Coffee Coalition.


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