Monday 08 August 2022

Slayer Steam LP has landed in Rome for the first time in Pergamino Caffè coffee shop

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ROME, Italy – Slayer, straight from Seattle, has landed in Rome for the first time in Pergamino Caffè, the capital’s first speciality coffee shop. Passion, innovation and culture come together in a place devoted to high-quality coffee in the heart of Rome.

The Slayer Steam LP, an iconic model designed for cafés that are focused on both quality and quantity of beverage production, has found a home at Pergamino Caffè, the capital’s first coffee shop dedicated to high-quality coffee in all its forms, located at 7 Piazza del Risorgimento in Rome.

Slayer at Pergamino Coffee

Featuring a system entirely made of stainless steel with total thermal stability and adjustable pressure rates throughout the espresso extraction, as well as a self-calibration system that makes it possible to obtain precise quantities of extracted coffee measured in grams. Slayer Steam LP has found a home in a café in the heart of the capital that offers top-quality artisanal coffees for a unique tasting experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

The interior of the coffee shop

Slayer machines, created by and for coffee lovers, are icons of design, functionality and craftsmanship that create a profound relationship with those who have in-depth knowledge of coffee in its raw state, enabling manual, yet precise and extraordinary extraction.

A detail of the Slayer Steam LP

Ease of use and ergonomics are just some of the features of the models from the Seattle-based production factory, whose focus when creating the machines is on baristas, technicians and coffee-drinkers alike.

Slayer has been part of Gruppo Cimbali since the end of 2017.

The partnership is a further step forward in the brand’s growth strategy to expand its organization and that of the Group, consolidating its position in the specialty coffee segment.

This partnership has allowed Gruppo Cimbali to strengthen its foothold in the American market through its direct presence in Seattle, a world centre for espresso.

Slayer Espresso

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