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Slayer machines land in the heart of Bari, at Caffè Cognetti, Specialty Coffee & Bakery

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BARI, Italy – The collaboration continues between Slayer and Caffè Cognetti, Bari’s first micro-coffee roaster, operating since 1997, with a new location in the heart of the city: Caffè Cognetti – Specialty Coffee & Bakery, a perfect union of high-quality coffee and bakery. The idea for Caffè Cognetti – Specialty Coffee & Bakery sprang from the desire to create a cross between a pastry shop and an international coffee bar with a distinctly Italian touch, in a location where passion, innovation and culture converge in a new “elegant-industrial” space.

Slayer finds a new home at Caffè Corgnetti – Specialty Coffee & Bakery

The café, with its large outdoor space along a pedestrian street, invites customers to sit and admire the beauty of the historic city center, offering a varied menu of pastries and a wide range of coffees, from the local blend which honors the region called “Apulia” to single-origin specialties.

La Cimbali

To make the most of the excellent artisanal coffee, the choice fell to the Slayer STEAM LP espresso machine and its system designed entirely in stainless steel, with perfect thermal stability and the ability to fine-tune your coffee’s flavor profile with varied water pressure throughout the espresso extraction. The machine also provides incredibly accurate and easy to calibrate automatic shot outputs, also known as “volumetrics”, to ensure consistency and repeatability.

In addition to classic espresso, Caffè Cognetti’s menu offers coffee made using various extraction methods – moka, v60, aeropress and cold brew – providing an occasion for customers to experience the ritual of coffee as a convivial break in the day and at the same time exalting the characteristics of specialty coffees. There’s also a boutique-style sales point where baristas suggest the ideal coffees to satisfy every customer’s palate.


Caffè Cognetti opened in 1997 as a coffee shop in Bari at Via Salvatore Cognetti 17/19

A detail of the espresso machine

It immediately became a hot spot on the city’s social scene. In 2014 the company expanded, beginning to produce small batches of coffee at the “Caffè Cognetti Microtorrefazione”. Later, in 2018, came the “brioche-ery”, a gourmet croissant and brioche bakery in the heart of Bari, with a wide selection of high-quality brioches.

Slayer machines, created by and for coffee lovers, are icons of innovation, design and functionality. These machines enable the barista to extract excellent espresso and enjoy the process at the same time.

Ease of use and ergonomics are just a few of the characteristics of the Seattle factory’s models, which are designed with baristas, technical professionals and end users in mind.

Slayer has been a part of Gruppo Cimbali since late 2017

The acquisition of the American brand is part of a brand growth process intended to expand the Group and its structure and consolidate its positioning in the specialty coffee segment, particularly in Seattle, one of the birthplaces of international coffee culture.

Info and hours: Caffè Cognetti – Specialty Coffee & Bakery, Via Sparano 120, Bari
Opening hours: daily from 7am to 9 pm

Slayer Espresso


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