Wednesday 21 February 2024

Simonelli Group: science and technology developing the coffee World

To increase the quality of espresso and cappuccino, and to encourage their consumption around the world, Simonelli Group and the University of Camerino formed the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation.

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Belforte del Chienti (Macerata)- Espresso and cappuccino enjoy a happy time. Not only because people drink them more and more, but mainly because new consumers are more aware and quality-conscious. This is even seen in the much higher level of professionalism in baristas and the widespread development of Specialty Coffee.

To support the entire global coffee chain in raising the professionalism and quality of the product, to give maximum consumer satisfaction and to develop the market, the ‘International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation’ was founded. This is a place where science and technology are at the service of the coffee industry, to achieve new quality goals.

Open to other partners, both from the scientific world and entrepreneurship, the ‘International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation’ was established on the initiative of two leading subjects in their respective areas.

The University of Camerino (Italy), is one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1336, and is now one of the most accredited universities with international scientific collaborations in chemistry, physics, biotechnology, food science.

Simonelli Group has been in the professional coffee machine sector for 80 years and, by paying particular attention to the entire production chain, is now present in 120 countries around the world with its two brands, Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino.

Researchers working in the Hub can carry out their activities in an integrated way, including university laboratories and the design and production facilities, but always in an international context, that is of the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, a point of excellence in knowledge and coffee know-how.

Under the coordination of a specifically formed scientific committee, the centre, alongside its main research is also providing training for the entire supply chain of operators and outreach activities in the relevant international forums.

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