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SIGEP 2015 – The second edition of the Barista & Farmer talent show starts from Rimini

The second edition of the talent show dedicated to coffee will be presented at Rimini Fiera. From 1st February ten competitors will contend for victory at San Pedro Sula in Honduras

RIMINI – A reality show dedicated to coffee will be a key player at SIGEP 2015. Barista & Farmer is preparing for the second edition of a talent show that combines the two key categories of the value chain, growers and baristas.

The 2015 edition will be officially presented at SIGEP (Rimini Fiera, 17-21 January 2015) and ten days later will begin in San Pedro Sula (Honduras), in the zone of origin called Cafés del Occidente Hondureño (Honduras Western Coffee).

The ten contestants will be revealed at SIGEP and a delegation of trade members from Honduras will take part.

Rimini Fiera business unit manager Patrizia Cecchi says, ´We believe that Barista & Farmer, speciality coffee and quality coffee can boost the development of the entire chain, from training trade members in the countries of origin to the exploitation of excellent products by manufacturers of innovative technologies, through to new cafeteria formats that promote more consumer awareness.

All this stimulates the launch of further business opportunities, supporting new trends in the lifestyle of countries consuming coffee.´

Supporting this project, SIGEP connects the coffee chain with all those taking part in the world´s leading expo for artisan confectionery, which hosts a combination of trade members and companies that are the key players in the new trend of more evolved entertainment venues, aimed at highlighting the quality of food & beverage, atmosphere and new cultural concepts.

On the subject of the talent show, two plantations are involved, on which ten contestants from all over the world, selected by the followers of Barista & Farmer and a panel of experts, will personally experience coffee growers´ life and work on their plantations.

There will also be the experience of learning, thanks to lessons by the Barista & Farmer Coffee Academy. The production will be transmitted on the Barista & Farmer Web site as well as the SIGEP site. All the coffee chain´s actors – from producers to baristas, as well as their coffee-loving clients, will thus be able to follow an extremely interesting fascinating television format.

Rebecca Atienza, President of Barista & Farmer and owner of the Hacienda San Pedro coffee plantation in Porto Rico, where the talent show was held in 2013, comments, ´The first edition was fantastic, since the format contributes to both the training of the contestants and increasing the professionalism of all the companies involved, as well as creating greater awareness with spectators, who become an integral part of the event via the social networks.´

Francesco Sanapo, creator and art director of Barista & Farmer and three times Italian Champion at the Barista championship, explains ´The talent show lets the world see and understand growers´ and baristas´ passion for their work.

Baristas have the job, privilege and responsibility of promoting the real value of coffee, with passion and knowledge, with end consumers; at the same time, the format shows the farmers´ hard work, commitment and passion and all their dedication to the production of high quality coffee.´

During their ten-day stay in the coffee growing area, contestants will devote their time to work in the field, the harvesting of the fruit of the plants, through to its processing, alternating lessons with topics connected with Honduran coffee production, the country´s most widespread botanic varieties of Arabica, techniques used for processing the cherries, coffee tasting, roasting procedure and the history and definition of the method for making espresso coffee.

Barista & Farmer ends the program with a big party at Santa Rosa di Copan, a city known as the capital of good coffee in Honduras. The closing event features the participation of international baristas, local coffee producers and the involvement of the entire community of Santa Rosa.

Thanks go to the Main sponsors: La Cimbali, Faema, Mumac Academy; Event sponsors: Genovese Coffee, Caffè Corsini, Caffè Pascucci, Molino Quaglia, Quarta Caffè; the Supporters: Puly Caff, Cafeistas.