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SIGEP 2014 – A Reality Show dedicated to coffee

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RIMINI, Italy – SIGEP and coffee – an increasingly strong blend. In fact, announcements continue regarding the events that the world´s most important artisan confectionery expo (Rimini Fiera, 18 – 22 January 2014) has scheduled to highlight the coffee chain.

In June 2014, Rimini Fiera will also host World of Coffee, the sector´s most important international event, organized in Europe by SCAE, during which the World Barista Championship will also be held.

World of Coffee is the global crossroads for great coffee artists: 30,000 trade members are awaited, 200 brands on show, 20,000 square metre of expo space, 12 areas for events, competitions and workshops, 33 nations represented in SCAE, baristas from 60 countries competing in the World Barista Championship.

In January, the 35th SIGEP will host the debut of the new expo section Rimini Coffee Expo, a comprehensive showcase, from the plant to the end product, plus technologies, services and furnishings. SIGEP will also feature a highly qualified cultural program, promoted by SCAE Educational, the result of an agreement to promote coffee culture thanks to meetings with internationally famous lecturers.

Rimini INGRESSO_BIG At SIGEP, there will also be the Italian Barista Championship, valid for qualifying the winners to compete on the prestigious international circuits promoted by SCAA and SCAE. The titles to be won are the CIBC Italian Cafeteria Barista Championship, CILA Italian Latte Art Championship and CICS Italian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

Now, another announcement. After having supported him in his competition at the world championships in Melbourne, SIGEP will once more be alongside Francesco Sanapo in his new adventure Barista & Farmer, the reality show entirely dedicated to coffee that will be staged in Puerto Rico. What exactly is it?

Barista & Farmer will enable Italian baristas and coffee roasters to experience work on a farm producing coffee. The idea arose from a collaboration with Rebecca Atienza, owner of the coffee growing company Hacienda San Pedro and the people selected will pass five days together, living a farmer´s life to the full, from dawn to dusk, accompanied and taught how to harvest coffee berries.

Rimini biglietteria_big There will also be master lessons held by the Puerto Rican department of agriculture on all the aspects useful for communicating coffee culture.

A television troupe will follow the baristas´ every movement and the video produced will be put on You Tube, as a sort of logbook, which will become a classic reality show to all effects. All those taking part in Barista & Farmer will be at SIGEP 2014 to introduce themselves and publicize the initiative.

Francesco Sanapo explains, ´By means of the reality show, we intend spreading coffee culture to favour aware quality consumption. We shall also try to connect the key figures in the long coffee chain in a better way. We want to provide elements of knowledge, so that the various players in the chain have a better understanding of each other´s needs. I wish to thank SIGEP for this further demonstration of its closeness to the coffee world.

The precise support and great commitment to setting up the expo and educational events is an element of great importance for the entire coffee chain.

Rimini porticato_big´
SIGEP 2014 at a glance

  • Dates: 19-23 January 2013;
  • Organizer: Rimini Fiera SpA; edition: 34th Sigep, 3rd A. B. Tech Expo;
  • frequency: annual;
  • category: international;
  • admission: trade members only;
  • business unit manager: Patrizia Cecchi;
  • project managers: Gabriella de Girolamo (gelato), Giorgia Maioli (confectionery/pastry and bakery);
  • exhibitor info: tel +39 0541 744521 fax +39 0541/744772;
  • Web site: www.sigep.it – www.abtechexpo.it

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