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Shotspresso, the first instant-instant coffee in the world, launching on Kickstarter

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CULVER CITY, CA, U.S. — Shotspresso is the first instant-instant coffee in the world. With Shotspresso, a user will enjoy quick coffee in a tiny bottle that can be toted anywhere. This is a unique product that has made a splash on Kickstarter, especially as people start to see what makes this product so valuable and intriguing for use.

Shotspresso set up its Kickstarter page in July 2019. The product is designed to help people enjoy coffee at any time of the day. Specifically, Shotspresso is a small 1.35-ounce or 40mL shot of smooth coffee. The bold, cold brewed coffee features 100% Arabica coffee beans. The beans have been cold brewed for 24 hours to produce the best flavor possible. The sweet and aromatic flavors are immediately noticeable.

Each shot features 150mg of caffeine. This is enough to give anyone the energy and alertness one needs to make it through whatever the day may bring.

The small design of each Shotspresso container is something worth noting. The material can fit in one’s pocket and be carried around anywhere one wants to go.

The long shelf life of the Shotspresso product makes it a valuable item for one’s daily living needs too. Shotspresso has a five-month shelf life, thus making it easier for anyone to enjoy well into the future.

Two different flavors are available as well. The Black and Latte editions will be released, although additional flavors will come out in the future. Each flavor is available in sweetened and unsweetened forms. Raw cane sugar works as a healthier alternative to traditional white sugar on each of these products. There won’t be as much sugar in this as with other products, thus making it easy for people to support and use without complication.

The Kickstarter program is also available online and will focus on identifying many ways how the Shotspresso product works. People who support the program can get 40 percent off of a purchase. Watch Shotspresso’s promotional video here.

Additional information on what Shotspresso has to offer can be found online at The site includes information on what the product is all about.

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