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Sergio Barbarisi and Maxwell Colonna talk about the perfect combination of water and coffee

Barbarisi Colonna

MILAN – Maxwell Colonna Dashwood and Sergio Barbarisi talk about themselves and their activities, as well as exchange notions regarding the absolute importance of water to extract a good coffee. Years ago Maxwell contributed to the realization of what today many in the Specialty Coffee world consider the bible for water and coffee.

From his publication of the “Water for Coffee: Science Story Manual” book to the famous blue book of Scae “The Scae Water Chart : Measure – Aim – Treat”, the coffee world has come in contact and tried to understand more in depth the notions of how water can give different experiences both in terms of taste as well as the interaction with machinery, in order to offer the customer the best possible experience.

Since day 1 in BWT, the culture of understanding water has always been a prerogative of Sergio Barbarisi.

Besides his constant presence in Italy with the training of coffee professionals, he has been assigned by the Coffee Technicians Guild the task of water training in various occasions.

From Italy to Amsterdam to Houston, the world talks about water and coffee, and in order to do so it turns to its finest experts.

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