Thursday 27 January 2022

Self-heating tea and coffee mug, Glowstone, announces official launch

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LOS ANGELES, CA, U.S. – Thomas Gostelow is proud to announce his self-heating coffee and tea mug, the Glowstone heated smart mug. The device features technology that can sense when hot liquid has entered the mug.

The unit then clicks on its heat producing coil that keeps the liquid at an ideal temperature for as long as 30 minutes.

“For tea or coffee to taste its best, it has to be hot – ideally 60°C (140°F) to 65°C (150°F). When you make a hot drink in a standard mug, it will only remain in the perfect temperature range for a couple of minutes,” says Gostelow.

When the heater is working, a red bar is visible at the bottom of the mug, but the heat is delivered in a way where it will not harm the drinker nor the surface on which the mug sits.

The device is completely wireless and dishwasher safe. While not in use it comes with a charging doc that can also be used to charge some smart phones. Each charge is good for multiple uses, and initial tests have shown the mug to be an effective daily-user for as long as a year.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Glowstone heated smart mug is that it appears to be almost identical to any other high quality fine bone china mug. The only real difference is the technology it has hidden within. It also fits in all popular coffee machines as well as cafetieres and kettles.

“The way we drink our tea and coffee has changed. The many distractions of modern life mean we often leave our hot drink to become lukewarm, or worse, cold. So all that time and effort in preparing it goes down the drain. It was clear that the household mug needed to be brought up to date,” says Gostelow.

In order to bring the Glowstone heated smart mug to a wider audience, Gostelow has opened a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter where he hopes to raise the funds necessary to take Glowstone to mass production.

About the Glowstone heated smart mug:

The Glowstone heated smart mug is a heated mug which automatically senses when warm liquid is poured into it. It then goes to work to keep the liquid at a constant temperature for as long as 30 minutes.

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