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SEATTLE – Become a coffee expert in the city that knows coffee

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SEATTLE, WA – Seattle and coffee are forever entwined since Starbucks introduced coffee drinkers to the pleasure of mocha lattes. So while you’re a guest in this caffeinated city, take advantage of the fact that there are 2.5 coffee shops per 1,000 people and get to know your beans like a native.

The coffee masters of Marriott, who know a good cup of Joe, have put together an infographic of recommendations so you can find your way to the perfect brew. Check out this guide to decide where to start your coffee connoisseur education; these three are near a number of the downtown Seattle hotels.

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  • If anyone knows how to craft the perfect espresso, it’s the baristas at Espresso Vivace. Stop in for a macchiato, and you’ll never see (or taste) coffee the same way again.
  • In the process of becoming a coffee expert, you’ll no doubt experience a number of “cuppings,” or tastings. One of the best places for this pursuit is Seattle Coffee Works, where their Slow Bar is dedicated to cuppings.
  • More than a rotating list of varietals, the menu at Milstead & Co. changes according to roasters. It’s a great reason to stop in a few times to taste the difference between a Stumptown roast and a Coava roast.

Marriott Seattle hotels are perfectly situated to put you at the heart of the city’s coffee culture.

Not only can you enjoy excellent in-room coffee service and cafes with knowledgeable baristas in all the locations, but you’ll find helpful staff ready to recommend your next coffee lesson.

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