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Scooter’s Coffee and DCV partner to improve lending process for franchisees

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OMAHA, Neb., U.S. – Scooter’s Coffee, the Midwest-based coffee franchise experiencing enormous nationwide growth during the past year, has partnered with DCV Franchise Group, a Division of SingerLeawk, the leading professional end-to-end services provider in the franchise industry, to provide the support and guidance franchisees need to navigate the financing and loan application process.

Many franchisees seek financing through the 7a Loan Program from the Small Business Administration (SBA). And while the SBA’s 7a Loan Program certainly has its advantages, the application process can be daunting due to a series of complicated rules and regulations. This makes securing and applying for financing both confusing and intimidating for first-time applicants, as well as experienced borrowers.

Vice President of Franchise Sales for Scooter’s Coffee, Tim Arpin, says DCV’s care, commitment, and attention to detail provides franchise candidates with the support and guidance they need to be successful.

“Where we really see the benefit for our franchisees is in the ability for DCV to offer that concierge service to our franchisees,” says Arpin. “There are moving parts to the SBA process, regardless of what you need. Whether you’re an experienced operator or this is your first time, DCV has the capabilities to guide you and help you through that entire process.”

Director of Business Development for DCV Franchise Group, Anthony Byrd, says the support from Scooter’s Coffee and its partnership with DCV are vital to providing franchise candidates with a foundation for future success.

“We hear time and time again that you’re getting into business for yourself, but not by yourself,” says Byrd. “Scooter’s Coffee as a whole has the strength and capacity to really grow a unique and prosperous franchise system for an individual, and we’re that key to the vault.”

Byrd says that DCV Franchise Group has a perfect success rate in securing funding for its qualified candidates.

“If we take somebody on and present their package to the lender, the success rate is 100 percent,” says Byrd.

By crafting and developing lending presentations for candidates, DCV not only improves the lives of franchisees, it also makes banks happier.

“We’ve had lenders come in and tell us that it is like a birthday present,” Byrd says. “We’ve pretty much wrapped it up and put a bow on it.”

The biggest bumps in the road for business owners often come with expansion. As multi-unit franchisees seek to open new locations, partnering with a team that has the solutions to make this expansion as effective as possible is crucial.

“One of the challenges franchise owners face is road mapping how to strategize their capital outlay to make expansion happen,” says Arpin. “We coach our prospects to really work with DCV and ask how they can deploy their capital most effectively, and DCV helps with that.”

Byrd says working together with Scooter’s Coffee has been a positive experience for both companies in their mission to support small businesses across the United States.

“It’s been a really great experience. They’re a very responsive team and very committed,” says Byrd. “You can see and feel that there’s a passion there, and everybody I speak with is great. It’s really a team effort to continue to grow the small business community and fulfill people’s dreams.”

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