Friday 31 March 2023

Santos, more than 60 years’ experience in coffee grinders

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Santos, French manufacturer of commercial electrical equipment, launches its new Coffee Shop Grinder # 63 which completes Santos wide range of coffee grinders. This new powerful grinder is dedicated to coffee shops, supermarkets, and roasting establishments that distribute large quantities of ground coffee.

Extremely silent, quick, precise and reliable, the Coffee Shop Grinder # 63 (on the left in the picture) is the result of Santos experience and know-how in the coffee market for more than 60 years. This sturdy product is equipped with a powerful asynchronous motor (5- year warranty) and designed for intensive use.

It has an exceptional output (up to 120 kg/hour).

Santos develops its own grinding discs for a perfect grinding, constant and fine. The coffee shop grinder # 63 is equipped with triple cut grinding discs (Ø 120 mm), that can be resharpened. Moreover, its micrometric button offers a very precise grinding, from very fine (Turkish coffee) to extra coarse coffee.

Its sturdy bag holder can maintain all types of bags, from 250g to 1kg, and its vibrating plate ensures a better distribution of coffee into the bag.

The Brushless Blender #62 (on the right in the picture) is the ideal appliance for juice bars and coffee shops, it ticks all the boxes in terms of performance and sustainable development. It makes any kind of cocktails, smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, granitas, iced coffee frappe thanks to the 30 pre-programmed recipes.

The key feature of this appliance is its brushless motor: unlike universal motors it has no carbon brushes giving it extensive life expectancy and excellent energy efficiency.

As well as being long lasting and energy-efficient, the brushless motor is extremely quiet.
The blender #62 is fitted with a tactile control panel made of scratchless glass that can be used with gloves.

You can choose from one of the 30 pre-programmed recipes or create your own using the software provided by Santos (built-in USB port). The new programs guarantee a high quality blend, precise and constant. The extra strong blade is designed to crush the hardest ice.

This new blender is not only efficient but very quiet thanks to its new soundproof hood, brushless motor and vibration-proof jar mat.

It complies with the most stringent health and safety standards: it is namely fitted with a bysphenol-A free jar and safety sensor (motor stops when the hood is opened).

The blender #62 can be used either in standard version or in-counter version (no additional option).

The blender #62 has been rewarded with the Smart Label 2015 (organized by Host and Poli Design Consorzio Politecnico di Milano).


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