Monday 24 June 2024
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Sanremo Coffee Machines presents Cube, the one-group newborn with a unique style

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TREVISO, Italy – Sanremo will be showing in preview its latest creation at Gulfood Dubai: Cube, the new semi-professional machine with one group. The Treviso-based company has translated the customisation philosophy of the Café Racer project into this new model, putting the Sanremo Lifestyle truly within everyone’s reach. In its simplicity Cube allows replicating bar espresso or cappuccino with the perfect emulsion an-ywhere. Design and technology are combined in many different ways that make this ma-chine ideal for home living or professional spaces, such as offices and shops, but also hotels and restaurants.

The two souls of Cube

Cube and Cube_R are the two versions of the new machine signed by Sanremo Coffee Machines. While maintaining the same attractive design, CUBE_R differs from the basic version in the presence of a positive displacement pump that also allows direct connection to the water mains. Aesthetically, it also stands out for the presence of the user display, which allows keeping several parameters under control, such as temperature, extraction times and more.

Both versions also share the Energy Saving System, which, thanks to the fully insulated AISI 316 stainless steel boiler and electronic systems that guarantee the possibility of putting the machine on standby when not in use, allows a considerable reduction in consumption.

Sanremo Cube: Eclectic and stylish

In addition to these two technological variants, three customisable versions are available to make Cube suitable for any environment, both professional and domestic: Absolute (A), Bi-colour (B) and Custom (C).

These three different look styles make this machine the perfect addition to any space, thanks to numerous colours and countless combinations. The Bicolour and Custom styles unmistak-ably express the design freedom that distinguishes Sanremo machines, giving each user the possibility to make their CUBE unique and in line with their own style.

Compact and technological

Sanremo Cube is a latest generation machine, technological and intuitive. The interaction through Web App is in fact simple and fast, and allows anyone, professionals or not, to view and interact simply with all the parameters of the machine: from the water temperature to the statistics up to the programming in time slots to suit the lifestyle of the user. The app works from both smartphones and computers, and allows managing multiple machines simultane-ously.


After the first stage in Dubai, Cube is ready to be talked about all over the world, the pre-orders for this model are in fact already open.


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