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Sanremo Coffee Machines launches the F18SB: a new benchmark for single boilers

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MILAN – Sanremo Coffee Machines, an Italian manufacturer of espresso coffee machines, has recently presented its new single boiler machine: The F18SB. The idea for this product is a result of the huge demand from the Treviso brand’s community, who wanted a machine that was both intuitive and efficient. When designing the F18SB, Sanremo decided to put all its experience and the technological innovations available into a machine that is destined to become the benchmark for many businesses.

The Sanremo F18SB is the perfect partner for restaurants, coffee shops and roasting companies all over the world

Where above all reliability, robustness and speed are required. Its multifunction interface makes operation and setting incredibly simple and fast, the ideal situation to get started on your journey into the world of coffee and juggle quickly between cups.

La Cimbali

The design of the F18SB is based on that of the much-loved F18, replicating its strong lines which are highlighted in the die-cast aluminium supports, a sign of solidity and durability. A powerful presence capable of adding character to any room, thanks to all the colours available from the catalogue.

The rear of the coffee machine

Like most of the new Sanremo machines, the F18SB has an energy-saving system that cuts energy consumption by more than 20%, with intelligent energy management and state-of-the-art boiler and pipe insulation. In fact, the F18SB shares the same technology as all the top-of-the-range Sanremo models, which enables significant energy savings while improving performance.

Sanremo F18SB
A detail of the Sanremo F18SB

Construction and design features

Its construction and design features make this machine particularly suitable for coffee roasters, providing these professionals with a technological combination capable of delivering excellent performance in an affordable but above all efficient way.

To give everyone the chance to discover this new machine, Sanremo Coffee Machines has created a special dedicated landing page. The company is satisfied with the initial online and offline feedback on the machine, which can currently be pre-ordered, and promises that: “Your exciting journey into the world of coffee will start here”.


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