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Sandalj presents its first 100% Fully Water Decaffeinated Arabica Blend

Despite the longstanding bias, some decaffeinated coffee can measure up pretty well against traditionally caffeinated blends. Sandalj Trading Company is proud to present its 100% Fully Water Decaffeinated Arabica Blend: the product of meticulous bean selection and a prime decaffeination method.

The latter has been fine-tuned in the past years and is now able to leave the original flavour characteristics of the beans unaltered. If roasted and extracted correctly, our Sandalj Water Decaff is remarkably pleasant and characterized by nuances of chocolate, hazelnuts and almonds.

The company guarantees and certify this blend’s quality through careful laboratory tests for each and every bag sold.

Edy Bieker explains that “whilst a decaffeinated Arabica will hardly be able to produce an exceptionally strong-bodied espresso cup with a thick and striped crema, our blend creates a satisfactory crema and acceptable body».

You will taste cocoa, malt and toasted cereal flavour while cupping it.