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Ryoma expands its presence in the coffee business sector with the acquisition of Macap

A coffee grinder model from Macap

MILAN – The Ryoma Holding Company has finalised its acquisition of Macap – a historic Venice-based company founded in 1930 and a significant player in the production of professional coffee grinders – by buying a majority stake in the company.

Macap – a company active in 70 countries worldwide – offers a range of products that currently span from traditional coffee grinders to instant coffee grinders and dynamometric tampers.

As a result of this acquisition, Ryoma will further expand its presence within the coffee business and food equipment industries.

The company is no stranger to these sectors, thanks to CMA – a company that specialises in the production of espresso coffee machines, which encompasses the prestigious Astoria, Wega, Storm and Hybrid professional coffee machine brands – in addition to Univerbar, a company specialised in the production of washing solutions.

The acquisition of Macap is part of the Group’s investment strategy and is an important development opportunity.

Macap’s long-standing history in the sector and its expertise, combined with Ryoma’s commitment to support all the subsidiaries and human resource development, form the basis of the structured development plan which envisages the brand’s development in the main reference markets.

Ryoma Italian Holding Company – ryoma.it

The Ryoma holding company – established in 2012 – develops its activities in the manufacturing and food equipment sector according to its strategic acquisition-based investment policy.

As a result of its international vision, Ryoma is a global player with an active presence in five continents and a vision based on the enhancement of human capital and manufacturing excellence through business choices oriented towards social and environmental sustainability.

The Macap logo

Ryoma’s mission is to fully back the innovation power of the subsidiaries by means of effective and constant management, in addition to its capacity to create long-term value for all those involved.

The company’s portfolio includes prestigious espresso coffee machine brands focused on Italian tradition with a sales network that has expanded into 140 countries worldwide, in addition to a company specialised in washing solution production and a company that manufactures pressurised containers and hydraulic connections.