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Ronnoco launches Concentric Coffee, a new sustainable coffee brand

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ST. LOUIS, U.S. — Ronnoco Beverage Solutions has announced the launch of Concentric Coffee, a sustainable Third Wave brand. Concentric Coffee will support education, clean water, and agronomy initiatives in origin countries through Mercon Coffee Group’s LIFT program, while contributing locally through Mission: St. Louis.

Third Wave coffee stemmed from consumers becoming more interested in the character of the coffee itself and focuses on high quality beans. Concentric Coffee will be available through Ronnoco’s foodservice channels.

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“Ronnoco strives to support those who sustain it in surrounding communities at a local and global scale,” said Chuck Sarosi, executive vice president of business development, Ronnoco Beverage Solutions. “Concentric Coffee draws on the rich heritage of Ronnoco’s St. Louis roots. This Third Wave-inspired brand supports our company’s values by assisting farmers in origin countries and our local communities.”

The new brand supports Ronnoco’s local partnership with Mission: St. Louis, a nonprofit organization with a goal of combating poverty in St. Louis, improving families’ surroundings, and focusing on long-term employment. A portion of the proceeds will go toward supporting its operations.


“Ronnoco and Mission: St. Louis have identified opportunities for internships and trainings to help clients develop the skills needed to secure meaningful full-time employment,” said Josh Wilson, president and executive director, Mission: St. Louis. “Serving Concentric Coffee in local businesses will serve the greater good for the community.”

Concentric Coffee’s product lineup includes:

  • Kinsman: This dark roast, Fair-Trade Organic coffee has a sweet peony aroma, toasted almond flavor, and a vanilla body. It is smooth and has a clean, citrus finish.
  • LIFT: The light roast blend originates entirely from LIFT farms. It has hints of brown sugar, spice, and cocoa-toned cherry pie.
  • Tandem: A medium roast, this blend comes from Ethiopia and Costa Rica. It has a rich aroma with a smooth body and clean aftertaste.
  • Organic Guatemala: This single-origin, medium roast offers flavors of plush blackberry, sweet cinnamon spice, and dark cocoa.
  • Espresso Gold: This dark roast was created from a select blend of Arabica beans. Its flavor is smooth and intense.
  • Decaf Private Estate: The mountain water decaf process is 100% chemical-free and is used to remove the 99.9% of caffeine in this proprietary blend of high altitude, high quality Arabica beans. It is clean and crisp, yet nutty in the cup with a medium to light body.

“We started with the idea of connection as all concentric circles have a common center,” said Sarosi. “At its core, Concentric Coffee is all about creating connections to community and origin through the commonality of coffee.”

Concentric Coffee will further position the company for continued growth in key foodservice channels, including colleges and universities, healthcare and lodging.

For more information about Ronnoco Beverage Solutions, visit


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